Pay 15% instead of 30% on dividends from USA | Luminor

Luminor Trade clients, who choose to use GLOBE TAX SERVICES, INC. (further - GlobeTax) services, USA registered financial instrument dividends will be payed with 15% tax to Luminor Trade account, if dividends are received by non USA resident.

Register at GlobeTax eCerts system:
Access Code USDOCS56
User ID Luminor Trade user ID
Service fee Service is provided by GlobeTax and fee of 35 USD for 3 years is applied. More about Globe Tax and their services:
Activation As soon as GlobeTax receives relevant filled form, your documentation will be evaluated and you will be informed if you're egliblie for tax relief. If so, starting from the end of next month dividends received from USA registered financial isntruments should be credited to your account wiht 15% tax instead of 30%.

Please note, that starting 2017 January 1 double taxation relief is also applied for dividends from stock CFDs.


Information mentioned above does not oblige client to use GlobeTax services. Bank does not provide any tax consulting, client is fully responsible for complying with relevant jurisdiction laws and regulations. Banks does not accept any responsibilty for any changes in laws or double taxation treaties. Banks does not take responsibilty for quality of GlobeTax services, fees or change in conditions.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are benifits of this service?

Dividends paid by USA companies will be taxed with reduced 15% tax (standart 30%). In addition, annual withholdin tax of 90 USD will not be applicable to you.

2. How much does it cost to register with GlobeTax?

35 USD for 3 years. It is less than 12 USD per year.

3. If I register today, will withholding tax be applicable for 2016?

If you received dividends form USA companies during 2016, then during last quarter of 2017 withhloding tax will be applied for 2016.

4. If I register today, will withholding tax be applicable for 2017?

If you will not receive dividends form USA companies before successful registartion, then during last quarter of 2019 withhloding tax will not be applied for 2017.

5. When this service becomes active?

Once GlobeTax receives your registration form by mail and confirms successful registration, starting next monday dividends received by USA companies will be taxed with 15% tax.

6. Does this service apply to single stock CFDs?

Yes, starting 2017 Janaury 1st, this service also applies to single stock CFDs.

7. How to register to GlobeTax?

Registration instructions are here.