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What is TraderGO

Fast and Simple

Designed to be fast and as easy-to-use as possible, the new TraderGO platform from Luminor Bank is a web-based platform that can be used from any HTML5-compatible web browser, from any device.

Excellent cross-device experience

DNB TraderGO all devices

TraderGO offers excellent cross-device experience between desktops, tablets and Smart Phones with the user-experience very closely aligned and your watchlists and preferences follow you between devices.

First-time startup experience

When you first enter the platform, you are guided through a few short steps to set your platform up to your requirements including:

TraderGO First time setup

  1. Select language
  2. Regional settings
  3. Trading products and trading region
  4. Notice
  5. Finished

These settings can later be changed under Platform Settings available from the Platform Menu.

Trader on the desktop

TraderGO on the desktop

  1. Instrument Search
  2. Watchlist/Trade board for monitoring and trading instruments
  3. Chart for analyzing price movements, technical studies, annotations and direct trading in the chart
  4. Poistion and Order management where you manage your open trade positions and orders
  5. Account Toolbar - your account balance and margin available

Searching for new instruments

The header in the TraderGO platform offers quick access to Search to find instruments quickly.

Search for new instruments

Click the product icon on a result to Trade, add the Watchlist, open in the chart or add a price alert.

The Watchlist

The Watchlist is where you monitor instruments you are interested in.

DNB TraderGO watchlists

  1. The Watchlist Selector allows you to access your own watchlists and access predefined watchlists for instruments you enabled on your platform during startup.
  2. Edit - select to start editing a Watchlist.
  3. Custom Watchlists - you can make a copy of a predefined Watchlist and edit it and select Copy to my Watchlists or start with an empty list by selecting New List from the Watchlist Selector.
  4. Standard Watchlist - select pre-defined Watchlists for an exchange or region
  5. Recent Watchlists - recently selected standard watchlists

Editing a Watchlist

Add instrument to watchlist

  1. Add new instruments - click ADD INSTRUMENT button and search for instruments
  2. Move instruments up or down in the list by dragging the row.
  3. Delete instruments from the list by clicking the Delete (X) icon.

Watchlist List Mode

When in Edit, click LAYOUT to change the Watchlist type and the columns.

Single row list (Desktop only)

Single Row mode allows you to show most instruments.

Single row watchlist

  1. Edit > Layout > Single Row - to show instruments on one line

Double row list

Double Row allows more information to be displayed for instruments in a limited screen area.

Double row watchlist

  1. Edit > Layout > Double Row - to show instruments on two lines

Trade Board

Tile mode allows you to trade instruments quickly.

Trade board

  1. Edit > Layout > Trade Board - to show instruments as tiles in a Trade Board

Selecting Columns

When in Edit, click LAYOUT to change the columns shown in the Watchlist:

Watchlist - edit layout

  1. Columns Shown - highlighted columns will be shown in you Watchlist
  2. Columns not shown - columns that cannot be shown in the available width.
  3. To add columns - drag into Columns from Columns available into Columns shown
  4. To remove columns - drag columns from Columns shown into Available columns

Placing Trades and Orders

Trade from the Trade Board

You can trade directly from the Trade Board:

Trade from the Trade Board

  1. Click to Enable - if 2-click trading enabled, click the Bid or Ask button to Enable trading.
  2. 2nd click to trade - when enabled click on BID or ASK price again to trade.

If the trade buttons are green, the price is a live tradable price – the price you see is the price you get.

Trade from the Watchlist

You can also trade instruments from the Watchlist by clicking the button on the price field to open the Trade Ticket:

Trade from the watchlist

To trade from your watchlist Click the price buttons to open the Trade Ticket.

Trade from the Overview panel

You can also open the Trade Ticket by searching and selecting instruments to open them in the Overview and clicking the Trade button in the header bar.

Trade from the overview panel

Trade selected instrument from Overview panel Select an instrument from the Search, Watchlist, Positions or Orders and click Trade.

The Trade Ticket

The Trade Ticket allows you to place trades and orders for a selected instrument and to add related orders to protect your trade (stop-loss orders) and take profit if the trade reaches your target price.

Live Trades

To Trade an FX cross live tradable prices, select Trade from the Trade/Order selector

If the buttons are green, the price shown is the price you will be filled at. Green prices are only available when the market is open.

If the market is closed or live prices are not available, you can use market orders to place a trade at the best price available from the market.

Trade  ticket for live trades

Select Trade - to trade immediately on live (green) prices

Placing an FX Order

To place an FX trade order, select the order type from the Trade/Order selector.

Placing an fx order

  1. Instrument price - shows the current and today’s high/low price
  2. Order type - select order type from Trade/Order
  3. Place Buy or Sell order - click Buy or Sell to place the buy or sell order
  4. Add Stop loss / Take profit - click link to add a Stop loss and/or a Take profit order to you trade order

To add related orders to your order or trade, click the Add related orders link:

Add related orders

  1. Add Limit order - select Limit to add a related limit take profit order to your trade
  2. Add Stop order - select a Stop type to add a related limit stop loss
  3. Apply order to your trade

Trade and order confirmations

All trades and orders will be confirmed quickly after being placed.

Trade and order confirmation

Trades / Order confirmed All Trades and order are confirmed quickly after being placed

Managing Trade Positions

The Position Management pane allows you to keep your open positions in focus and manage your trades.

Managing Trade Positions

  1. Open trade positions - manage your open trade positions
  2. Close Position - from the Close column
  3. Manage Stop and Limits add, remove or edit stop or limits on positions
  4. Real-time profit or loss
  5. Full position details

Managing Open Orders

The Order Management pane allows you to monitor and manage your open trade orders.

Managing Open Orders

  1. Open trade orders - manage your open trade orders
  2. Manage Stop and Limits add, remove or edit stop or limits on entry orders
  3. Edit open order - click the Edit button to change orders before execution
  4. Cancel order - cancel orders before execution
  5. Full Order details

Account Toolbar

The Account Toolbar shows you your Account Balance available for making new cash trades your total Account Value and the Margin available for opening new Margin positions.

Account toolbar

Market Overview

The Market Overview panel gives an overview of price information, charts and news for instruments selected from the:

Market overview

The Market Overview shows: 

  1. Price
  2. Chart for selected instrument
  3. Chart Time range - from 1 day to 5 years 
  4. Add to Watchlist
  5. Add Price Alert
  6. Open Trade ticket


The Chart allows you to have up to 4 charts for the selected instrument with different chart types, time periods and studies.


  1. Full screen/restore
  2. Link/unlink to Watchlist
  3. Select time period
  4. Chart type: Candlestick, Line and etc.
  5. Technical studies
  6. Drawing tools
  7. Trade in chart
  8. Add/remove charts

Account Services

Account services are from the Account tab at the top of the platform and include:

  1. Account overview
  2. Account Performance
  3. Cash management – transferring funds to and from your account
  4. Subscriptions management – managing subscriptions to live exchange prices, news services and Equity Research
  5. Instrument trading conditions
  6. Reports – statements, Trades executed dividend payments, etc.
  7. Activity Log

TraderGO on Tablets

  1. Portrait - Watchlists, Positions, Orders and Price Alerts
  2. Landscape - all modules

DNB TraderGO on tablets

TraderGO on Smart Phones

All modules are accessed from the menu (1)

Landscape offers better orientation for the chart (2)

DNB TraderGO on smart phones