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Foreign exchange is the largest market in the world. Larger than the shares and futures markets combined. In addition to trading for profit – also called speculative trading, FX is traded typically to diversify investment portfolios and to hedge against exposures in other assets. A key difference between FX and equity trading is the size of transactions; FX transactions tend to be significantly larger in value and size.

Luminor Trade offers an impressive 19 FX crosses in precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are available as spot traded commodities, ideal for both long and short-term speculative trading. Trade Gold with 45 pip spread and 12.5:1 leverage

Why trade FX Rolling spot with Luminor?


Responsible leverage

Luminor offers you competitive levels of leverage via our tiered margin approach.


High liquidity

High liquidity aggregated from main world banks


Great spreads

Trade EURUSD with 2 pip spread.

Additional Features

  • Convenient and easy to use trading platform
  • Access to advanced order types like Market, Limit, Stop or Trailing Stop with OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) and ‘If done’ capabilities and various order placement requirements
  • Orders execution without lags

Additional information:

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